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Contingency Plans

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What to Do When the Unexpected Happens to You Let’s face it, when you are out on the road unexpected things can happen. It is good to have a contingency plan so that when things happen, it will lessen the blow to the situation. MALFUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash Guitar strings break, reeds split and there are always shorts in the cords. Plan ahead and stock up on extra supplies and keep extra accessories on hand for unforeseen misfortunes. Plot out on your...

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PACK LIGHT: TRAVEL TIPS FOR MUSICIANS “You’re packing like you’re moving to China”, is something my father always told me when leaving for family vacations. Always one to have at least two bags, “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu is my theme song when traveling. I’m always receiving warnings about future back problems because of it. But I rebuke that, lol.  I like to bring enough stuff to make sure I am very comfortable on long trips and prepared for any situation. As a traveling musician however, you would...

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Multitasking on Tour

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Five Ways You Can Multitask on Travel Days As a touring musician, you will oftentimes spend more time on the road than you will in an actual performance venue. You can use your time on the road to multitask, perform self-care activities or small business-related tasks that can be handled quickly.  Here are some ways you can make travel days more beneficial for you. SLEEP As a touring musician, you are often times sleep deprived because you have to get up early...

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More Than A Festival

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At lot of times, we attend festivals to enjoy the music, the food, the shopping and the shenanigans with our friends. As entertainers though, we should be taking advantage of our time in the hosting city to mix business with pleasure. Many opportunities can be created to increase brand awareness, to capture moments for social media and to build upon our networks. After all, it costs to get there with airfare, hotel and festival ticket costs. Here are a few tips you...

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