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Connect. Build. Make Moves became our mantra after many discussions on how to encapsulate everything that we do. We started as an all-inclusive company and many of our first jobs were street promotion and management gigs. Over the years we’ve done a little bit of everything from chauffeuring clients to appointments, serving as talent acquisitionists for companies like ourselves, to setting up and curating content for small businesses and artists who need assistance navigating their web space. We’ve worked with big and small names and have remained incognito by choice, preferring to let the client shine versus ourselves.

Our goals have been simple: to educate and assist the client on the platform they’re standing on; to create crescendos in careers by connecting artists and business leaders who can successfully and whole-heartedly support each other.

Our next move is video. IG, SnapChat, and Periscope make video attractive outlet for a new set of creatives and we’re onboarding too. Look for BPEtv later this year where we’ll bring fresh new talent and concrete business tips to your cellphone. We’re rooting for you and want you to know we are here to help you succeed.

How are you going to Connect.Build.MakeMoves this year? Be creative! Use the hashtag #ConnectBuildMakeMoves on IG, FB, and Twitter to let us know.

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