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Tag: HipHop

Tag: HipHop


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DJ D-Nice Uses His Talents to Uplift During the Corona Virus Derrick “DJ D-Nice” Jones woke up one day at the beginning of the California quarantine order and decided to throw a party for his friends. The party was supposed to be a private video chat to uplift the spirits of his comrades during this frightening and stressful time. However, he decided instead to turn his turntables to Instagram Live for the greater good, and thus the Homeschool Party at Club Quarantine...

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Kanye’s Sunday Service

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If we had Your eyes, We’d see things right. If we could just see from Your point view, Then most things won’t be as they seem, If we had Your eyes, If we had Your eyes - Michelle Williams, If We Had Your Eyes Lyrics For those of us watching YouTube’s stream of Kanye West’s Sunday Service through the lens of an eye, far away from the hills of Coachella’s festival grounds, many of us had “chuch”. My thoughts immediately went to the...

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Ermias Davidson "Nipsey Hu$$le" Asghedom August 15, 1985 - March 31, 2019

Victory Lap – Ermias Davidson “Nipsey Hu$$le” Asghedom

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Ermias Davidson “Nipsey Hu$$le” Asghedom 1985 - 2019 Source @MarathonAgency Instagram “The Marathon is something everybody can apply to whatever they doing and aspiring to do, and can add value to their life. It's something they can bring back to their circle and make their circle better. I think that's what's at the core of what got people supporting and behind my movement” - Nipsey Hu$$le, Adapting the stage name from iconic...

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