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Tag: Oakland Entertainer

Tag: Oakland Entertainer

Bianca Brown in White Dress

Bianca Brown is Finding Home

  |   Claudette Oatis   |   No comment

“The thing about my songs is that they can be applied to multiple situations. They are not just one isolated event.” Bianca Brown explains in an exclusive interview with Black Pearl Entertainment on the heels of Hype Off Culture, a showcase and panel event hosted by boutique label Sistah Music Snax and Hype Off Life magazine. When you know you know, but the road leading to the answer is sometimes problematic. Add unexpected events where life is life’ing, and you can start down...

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  |   Arnette Oatis, Black Pearl Ent   |   No comment

Platinum selling R &B singer, Adrian Marcel released his new single, "NoWhere" with the perfect song title amid the Covid-19 “Corona” virus mandated quarantine. As we are washing our hands, practicing self distancing and quarantining in our homes, Marcel has provided a sensual bop to change our perspective on being safe versus being stuck. NoWhere’s lyrics has the sexy vibrato, telling the object of his affection that she doesn’t have to go nowhere. He just wants to play all...

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