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Tag: Performance

Tag: Performance


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5 Steps to Avoid An Awful Performance Last week, we reminded you of preparations needed to ensure a great show. Lack of practice and presentation create the perfect storm for a bad show. Avoid the next 5 things like the plague. DON’T THINK YOU CAN WING IT WITHOUT PRACTICE Many performers have the audacity to think they can avoid rehearsal and waste fans money by giving a horrible performance. You have to practice! Plot out your show and get help. If you can’t...

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Put on A Great Show

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The Performance Starts Before the Show Now that you have booked a couple of gigs, you may be asking yourself, “how can I put on a good live show?” Watching various musical performances, you may see some good shows that inspire you to work and some that need major fine-tuning. Most performers get it right-creating an experience that sparks so much energy that before they leave the stage, they were added to a play list or their project was...

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