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BPE Music Camp

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Welcome to the BPE Music Camp! This blog series was created out of a need to educate the independent/DIY musician, who wants to take their career seriously and bring it to the next level. This series hopes to serve as a starting point to help you organize your goals and to help you accomplish your dreams. While it will not provide all of the ends and outs of the Music industry, it can serve as a blueprint to help you get started.

Here at the Black Pearl Entertainment (BPE) office, we are often asked to assist artists as part of our Virtual Assistant program. The program is designed to help artists take their career to the next level by handling tasks and being a part of their administrative team. But often times, we have to take five steps backwards before we can move forward, because some entertainers are ill prepared to accomplish that which they seek. Black Pearl Entertainment would like to change this by equipping the artist, making sure they are aware of the tips and tools available to them to ensure a successful career.

The BPE Music Camp series will focus on:

  • Goal Setting and action plans
  • Building your team
  • Promotions/Publicity
  • Performance
  • Merchandising
  • Publishing
  • and much more…

Hard work and determination will be the stepping stones to the road of a successful career. It will take time, effort, networking and commitment to achieve your goals. Remaining serious and calculating about where you want to go, will provide you with many gains. Practice hard and don’t give up! The road may be quick or it may be slow, but if you have faith in what you are doing, you will surely reach your destination. So if you are ready, let’s go!

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