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Contingency Plans

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What to Do When the Unexpected Happens to You

Let’s face it, when you are out on the road unexpected things can happen. It is good to have a contingency plan so that when things happen, it will lessen the blow to the situation.


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Guitar strings break, reeds split and there are always shorts in the cords. Plan ahead and stock up on extra supplies and keep extra accessories on hand for unforeseen misfortunes. Plot out on your tour route, the best shops or repair person to have the equipment fixed or replaced.


These days a slip of the tongue can produce scandal, a protest or a damaging video that goes viral at the speed of light. Keep a publicist on hand for crisis management situations to diminish as much damage as possible (Contact Black Pearl Entertainment if you need assistance.) A good publicist can put out fires by advising you on the best methods to respond to a situation. An official statement or apology can be put out to make sure your response to the situation comes quickly and first hand to your audience. In some situations, a publicist can quench an issue before it even reaches the press.


Mother Nature is no joke. Sometimes a natural catastrophe or storm will cause the airlines to cancel a flight and possibly cause you to miss a show. Always have extra cash available in the travel budget,  to be able to change your flight itinerary. If you know you will be traveling during extreme weather conditions, plan an alternative route that includes buses or train to ensure you reach your destination. Check airline websites often to check for the next available flight.


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Whether it be low ticket sales, a natural disaster or a sick performer, sometimes shows get cancelled. When possible, try to reschedule the show as soon as possible. To make sure you will not receive any backlash from your audience, make sure you keep them informed and up to date about the situation as quickly as possible. Explain via social media and through official statements why the show had to be cancelled and let them know the make up date. Be very sincere and apologetic about the cancelled show, as well as understanding if there is some backlash.

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