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Multitasking on Tour

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Five Ways You Can Multitask on Travel Days

As a touring musician, you will oftentimes spend more time on the road than you will in an actual performance venue. You can use your time on the road to multitask, perform self-care activities or small business-related tasks that can be handled quickly.  Here are some ways you can make travel days more beneficial for you.


As a touring musician, you are often times sleep deprived because you have to get up early to catch a flight; after you have stayed up until 3 am in the morning because you became so energized after a great show. Find the time or schedule in naps to get as much rest as possible. Resting will prevent illness, injuries and enable you to have a positive attitude and mood.


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Since you are going to have a lot of time in airports, in vans or traveling by other forms of transportation, pick up a good book. Use the time to learn something new or keep yourself entertained with a salacious read.


Photo Credit: Nathan Nichols – Unsplash

Travel days are great for scheduling meetings with band mates or members of your team. Because you know in advance how much time you will be spending in each city on the tour, you can schedule meetings at your hotel during down time or if you are traveling by bus or van, schedule meetings while you are on the road. You can create agenda items to talk about changes that need to be made to improve the quality of the show, discuss impromptu changes, or celebrate your team and band mates for a job well done.


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Get inspired by the knowledge and experiences you have gained during the tour and start planning for future events and performances. Recount what worked and what didn’t and use this data to plan your next tour. Use the analytics from ticket sales, attendance and from your social media platforms to build upon your next tour.


Traveling to different markets offers an overabundance of Instagram worthy pictures for your social media platforms. With cities intentionally developing spaces where tourist can display local art, fine cuisine and interactive activities. Create a content calendar so you can be proactive with the types of pictures you will need for posting. Think of fun and creative ways to pose and use props to make the photos and/or videos more interesting.

Comment below and let us know how you multitask on tour days.

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