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DJ D-Nice Uses His Talents to Uplift During the Corona Virus

Derrick “DJ D-Nice” Jones woke up one day at the beginning of the California quarantine order and decided to throw a party for his friends. The party was supposed to be a private video chat to uplift the spirits of his comrades during this frightening and stressful time. However, he decided instead to turn his turntables to Instagram Live for the greater good, and thus the Homeschool Party at Club Quarantine was born.

DJ D-Nice is no stranger to rocking large crowds. His talents have taken him all over the world as Rapper, D-Nice. He began is music career as a member of the classic Hip-Hop group, Boogie Down Productions whose members include the legendary Hip-Hop scholar KRS-One and the late DJ Scott La Rock, who was murdered on August 27, 1987. As a solo artist, D-Nice topped the charts with his single, “Call Me D-Nice”, at the start of Hip-Hop’s golden era.

After his rap career died down, D-Nice turned to photography. His stark images emits an inner light that shines within all of his subjects; no matter how far the light has been buried within. He is known for capturing Hip-Hop legends and for capturing the humanity of the less fortunate. With his company Brand Nice, his love of photography and music, D-Nice’s gifts have allowed him to connect with people.

DJ D-Nice on the 1’s and 2’s at Club Corona on Instagram Live

Club Quarantine has brought together young and old through the gift of music, as D-Nice spins Disco, classic R&B, English Pop, and of course Hip-Hop. Club Quarantine has been a welcomed distraction from the heartbreaking tragedy that is taking place in literally every city across the world; as we mourn those who have succumbed to COVID-19 (the Corona Virus) and are praying for those who have been touched by the disease. 

On March 25, 2020, Club Quarantine also took on the task of building up the voter registration rolls with a virtual voter registration drive. Partnering with forever FLOTUS, Mrs. Michelle Obama, and the When We All Voteinitiative, the Club hosted a Couch Party Voter Registration set. The goal was to reach 50,000 potential voters through a texted link. The enthusiasm of the participants exploded, and over 400,000 eligible voters were texted that night. 

Despite the grim news that we need to practice social distancing for another month to kill this virus, Club Quarantine has managed provide a way for party goers to connect and celebrate life as we all have one thing in common: The faith to believe that no matter how hard Corona fights us, life must go on.

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